What is locked state?

Updated Nov 21, 2023
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This article describes a status applicable to some Dropbox team accounts.

Note: We’re rolling out a new locked state experience. Before reading this article, check that it applies to your experience of locked state.

If you click on this link and see a page that says, Choose what to do with team files and accounts, the information in this article doesn’t apply to your team and you should read this article.


If you see a page that says, You’re about to cancel Dropbox for teams and disband the [Team name] team, then the information in this article applies to your team.


Your team can end up in locked state if your Dropbox Standard, Business, Advanced, or Business Plus trial period expires or if you cancel your team plan.

In locked state:

  • Your files won’t sync.
  • You won’t be able to create or upload any new files and folders.
  • You‘ll be able to view and download files and folders in your Dropbox account but you won’t be able to edit them.
  • Features such as inviting new members, suspending members, and managing groups will be disabled.
  • If you're on Dropbox Business, Business Plus, or enrolled in beta access on Dropbox Standard or Advanced, all signature features will be disabled on dropbox.com and the Dropbox mobile app.

How to get out of locked state

If you're a team member, you can:

If you're an admin, you can either purchase a team subscription or disband your team.

Admins: Choose what to do if your team is in locked state

Purchase a team subscription

  1. Log in to dropbox.com with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Review options in the red banner at the top of your screen.
  3. Click the blue Keep Dropbox for teams button.
  4. Fill in your billing information.
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Note: Before upgrading, remove users who don't need access to the team content to avoid paying for unnecessary licenses. You should cancel any nonessential pending invitations.

5. Click Purchase.
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Note: After upgrading, you’ll need to reinvite any members who may have left your team while it was in locked state. These members won’t rejoin the team until they accept the invite.

When you disband your team, all team member accounts become individual Dropbox accounts. Admins receive a copy of all team content except for Replay, Studio, and Capture team content. Team members keep access to their own files and folders and maintain ownership of signature templates that they created.
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Note: Shared folders within team folders aren't deleted when a team disbands.

Additionally, once a team disbands, the following happens:

  • The team structure is deleted.
  • Members with access to shared folders outside of team spaces keep access and permissions to these folders.
  • Anyone granted access to shared folders within team folders will keep their permissions, so they can view and interact with the content within.
  • Pending invites are deleted.
  • Suspended users are deleted.
  • Shared links to team-owned content break; links for shared folders/files don't.
  • Content from deleted team members will be permanently lost unless an account transfer has been completed. 
  • Archived folders are deleted.
  • Deleted files and folders can't be restored.
  • Pending signature requests are canceled.
  • Signed documents can’t be edited, but can still be viewed or downloaded by all admins.
  • Signature templates will be locked. Purchasing Dropbox Essentials, Business, or Business Plus will unlock and restore the use of templates.


To disband your team:

  1. Log in to dropbox.com with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Review options in the red banner at the top of your screen.
  3. Click Cancel Dropbox and disband my team.
  4. Check the boxes next to:
    • I understand that disbanding or deleting the team is permanent. The [Team name] team will no longer exist.
    • I understand that I will lose the remaining days of my free team trial.
      • Note: This only shows if you’re on a free team trial.
  5. Click Disband team and log out

This triggers the disbandment process. Your team will be logged out when disbandment is complete.

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