Can everyone on my team access my files?

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Will my files be viewable by team members or admins if I join a Dropbox Business team?

Joining a Dropbox Business team doesn't make any of your files or folders available to other team members—by default, everything in your Business account is private. Other team members won't be able to access your files unless you decide to share them with shared folders or read-only links.

However, certain types of admins do have the ability to sign in to your account using "Sign in as user." If you’re a non-admin member of a Dropbox Business team, your admin may sign in to your account to do any of the following:

  • View a team member's folder structure
  • Share files and folders with others
  • View, open, and download files
  • Delete files, or restore deleted files

Your admin can also remove access to your Business account, or transfer its contents to another member.

If you’re a team member, and you linked your personal and work Dropbox accounts, “sign in as a user” doesn’t allow your admin to open and access your linked personal account. However, they can view the name and email address of your linked personal account.

For more information, check out our Dropbox Business Agreement and Privacy Policy. You may also want to contact your admin to find out more about your team's specific policies and procedures.

How do I collaborate with team members in Dropbox Business?

To share information with a specific subset of individuals, we recommend using shared folders. Shared folders are ideal for groups of people interested in collaborating on a set of files or folders together. The owner of a shared folder can manage membership of a shared folder by controlling who can invite new members to the folder, and removing members of the folder as needed. Owners can also unshare a folder entirely.

Can I share read-only copies of my files with team members?

Shared links allow you to send read-only links to entire folders, subfolders, or files. Recipients of the link can download the file or folder to a computer or to their Dropbox account. If the user elects to download the file or folder to a Dropbox account, any edits made will not affect the original file—access will be strictly read-only.

Will my team's admin have access to files on my personal Dropbox?

Dropbox Business admins have no control or access to your personal Dropbox. However, please note that if you've linked your personal Dropbox to a organization-owned computer or device, that account will be subject to your organization’s policies.

Can I share folders and links with people outside of my Dropbox Business team?

Admins on your Dropbox Business account can set your team’s global permissions to determine whether members can share links and/or folders outside of the Dropbox Business account. To do so, they can log into the Admin console and click Sharing.

Dropbox Business

This article refers to a feature unique to Dropbox Business. Dropbox Business is aimed at projects, groups, and other organizations that want to share the same Dropbox storage quota with all of its members. If you're interested in learning more or want to sign up, visit the Dropbox Business webpage.

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