What is Dash Answers?

Updated Oct 09, 2023

Dash Answers is currently a beta experience and is subject to additional terms.

Dash Answers is a search and question-answering tool that helps you find information quickly and easily. Dash can search across all of your connected content so that you can find the information you need by finding specific content or getting answers to your questions.

Features included

Ask questions with one search bar: Ask and receive answers about files and other content via connected apps. Dash Answers searches your content for the most relevant answers. If no answer is found, it synthesizes from one or more sources.

Provide feedback to improve accuracy: Your feedback helps Dash Answers learn and improve. By providing feedback, you help Dash Answers provide more accurate answers and a better user experience.

How to use Dash Answers

How to ask a question in Dash Answers 

  1. Open the Dropbox Dash desktop app.
  2. Click Ask Dash.
  3. Type your question, then click the paper airplane icon on the right, or press enter on your keyboard.


  • Dash Answers also provides the sources for its response. Click the desired file below the answer to access that source. 
  • To perform a new search without returning to the Dropbox Dash start page, you can type your question in the Ask a question… field below your answer.
  • You can give feedback by clicking Helpful or Not helpful under a provided answer.


The Dash Answers feature is powered by OpenAI. When you use Dash Answers in Dropbox Dash to ask questions, those queries are sent to OpenAI. Dropbox only sends the files you use Dash Answers with. Your files and the questions you ask won’t be used to train OpenAI’s language models. The contents of your files are only used to service your request. By using the feature, you’re granting Dropbox permission to use this feature and OpenAI on your selected files.

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