Dropbox Dash: an overview

Updated Sep 07, 2023
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Dropbox Dash is currently a beta experience and is subject to additional terms.

Dropbox Dash is an artificial intelligence-powered universal search that enhances your productivity across all applications. With machine learning at its core, Dash learns and evolves alongside you, continuously improving as you use it.

Features included

  • Access everything with one search bar: Easily find and manage all your content and meetings across your browser and desktop.
    • Instantly find content across all your apps.
    • Launch meetings in one step from that same search bar.
  • Group content with Dropbox Dash stacks: Stacks is an organizational system that allows you to group work, links, emails, messages, and more in one place alongside notes and summaries.
    • Receive recommendations for new stacks and additional content to add to your existing stacks over time.
    • Share stacks internally or externally, provided that your collaborator has a Dropbox login.
  • Experience the power of a unified hub: The Dropbox Dash start page houses the universal search, stacks, and a feed for tasks and upcoming meetings.

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