How to use the Dropbox Enterprise console for team admins

The Enterprise console allows Enterprise team admins to manage multiple Enterprise teams all in one place. To open the Enterprise admin console, sign in to with your admin credentials, and click Enterprise console in the left-side column.

This feature is only available to Dropbox team admins on the Enterprise plan who have set up the Enterprise admin console with their Customer Success Manager at Dropbox.

If you’re an Enterprise team admin and you’d like to set up the Enterprise console, contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you’d like to learn about the regular Dropbox Business admin console instead, visit this article.

In the Enterprise console, you’ll see four different tabs for managing different aspects of your team and their activity: Teams, Members, Activity, and Settings

Teams tab

The Teams tab shows a summary of all of your connected teams. From this tab you can manage connected teams, add new ones or remove connected ones.

  • To remove a team, click the “ (ellipses) and click Remove
  • To add a team, click Invite a team

Click each team to see team details, admins, and activity. Then, click the “ (ellipses) next to any admin to reset their password, edit their permissions, and suspend or delete them from the team.

Members tab

The Members tab shows a summary of all the members of your connected teams, including admins. You can search and filter them by Members, Teams, Role, and Status. You can also move team members to another Dropbox Business team you manage.

Click the “” (ellipses) to reset a member’s password, edit their permissions, or delete them from a team.

To add an enterprise admin:

  1. Navigate to the Members tab.
  2. Search for the member you’d like to make an enterprise admin.
  3. Click the “” (ellipses) next to their name.
  4. Click Edit admin permissions.
  5. Select Enterprise admin, and click Next.
  6. Click Make enterprise admin to confirm.

Activity tab

The Activity tab is similar to the team activity log in the regular admin console. It shows a summary of the activity of all admins and team members in one place. You can search and filter activities by Date, People, Content, Activities, and Team.

Settings tab

The Settings tab shows a summary of each team’s sharing settings, authentications, devices, and other permissions. From here, you can control these settings for all teams at once. 

You can also lock individual settings for a specific team to prevent admins from changing them. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  2. Click the setting you’d like to lock or unlock.
  3. Click the lock icon next to the team you’d like to lock or unlock that setting for.

To manage all the settings for a specific team from that team’s admin console, click Team profile and the gear icon next to any team.

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