What is this Dropbox charge on my credit card?

If you don’t recognize a Dropbox charge on your credit card, you can look up the email address and payment date associated with it. 

All Dropbox purchases made with a credit card will appear on your statement as DROPBOX*(transaction ID).

To look up a credit card charge:

  1. Find the transaction ID for the Dropbox charge on your credit card statement. You can do this by searching your statement for "Dropbox".
  2. Click to visit our credit card charge lookup tool.
  3. Enter the transaction ID. 
  4. If you’re not signed into Dropbox, you may have to enter the last four digits of your credit card number and the expiration date.
  5. Click Submit. You’ll see the account email associated with the charge, as well as the transaction details. 

Note: If you paid with PayPal or another form of payment, you won't be able to use this tool but can contact Dropbox support for assistance.

Tool not working?

Sign in to dropbox.com and contact Dropbox support from the same web browser. Make sure you have the transaction ID from your credit card statement.

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