The Open button—why it may not appear

If you're not seeing the Open button, review each troubleshooting step in this article.

Is the link pointing to a file in your Dropbox?

The Open button will only appear for files already synced with your computer's local Dropbox folder. To see if a file exists in your local Dropbox folder, use a file browser to locate it.

Example file browsers include Finder or Windows Explorer.

Is the Dropbox desktop app running on your computer?

The following must be true for the Open button to appear:

  • The Dropbox app must be running on your computer
  • You must be signed in to the same account on both and the desktop app

To see if the Dropbox app is running, look for the Dropbox icon in your computer's system tray or menu bar.

Does your computer meet the system requirements?

The following are required to see the Open button:

  • A supported operating system
  • The latest version of the Dropbox desktop app
  • A supported web browser (the Open button works with the current and major previous browser versions):
    • Chrome with Flash Player 10 or later (with version 53 or later, Flash Player is no longer required)
    • Firefox with Flash Player 10 or later
    • Internet Explorer with Flash Player 10 or later
    • Safari with Flash Player 10 or later

Note: Some browsers have Flash disabled by default. You may need to manually enable the Flash player in your browser settings to see the Open button.

Are you signed in to the correct account?

Double check that you've signed in to the same Dropbox account on both and the Dropbox desktop app.

Are ports 17600 and 17603 available?

The Open button requires that the Dropbox desktop app have access to ports 17600 and 17603. It's possible that a firewall or antivirus application may be preventing Dropbox from using one or both of these ports. If this is the case, you may need to configure your firewall or antivirus to allow Dropbox access to these ports.

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