What if dropbox.com fails to load, or loads incorrectly?

If dropbox.com fails to load in your web browser, or if it partially loads or shows other errors, you're likely encountering a browser issue.

What can I do to resolve browser issues?

To resolve issues with your web browser, you can try the following:

  • Ensuring your browser is compatible with dropbox.com, or updating to a compatible version of your browser
  • Signing in to dropbox.com using a different web browser (like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Clearing your browser's cache
  • Restoring your browser to its default settings (issues may be caused by a security setting that you have set on your browser)
  • Disabling any browser plugins (issues may be caused by a plugin that you have installed on your browser)

Note: If the issue is caused by a browser plugin, you can try using the incognito or private browsing mode to eliminate the problem:

How do I know if the problem I'm having is due to browser issues?

Below is a list of some of the ways that browser issues can affect your usage of dropbox.com:

  • Web features
    • You're not able to print a receipt
    • Your files or folders aren't appearing in the correct locations
    • The search bar isn't working
  • Error messages
    • You're seeing an Error 404 message
    • You're seeing a message that says There was a problem completing this request
    • You're seeing a "browser is not secure" message
  • Loading issues
    • The browser window-loading wheel won't stop spinning
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