Dropbox unexpectedly quit or is causing apps to crash

This article helps you troubleshoot the following issues:

  • The Dropbox desktop app unexpectedly quits or keeps crashing
  • The Dropbox desktop app is causing other applications to unexpectedly quit or crash

Note: If the Dropbox desktop app keeps quitting or crashing, you can still access the files and folders in your Dropbox account on dropbox.com.

If the Dropbox mobile app unexpectedly quits or keeps crashing, visit this article instead.

 Close all other applications and restart your computer

Certain applications (like firewall, security, or antivirus software) could be causing the Dropbox desktop app to quit or crash. Close all other applications on your computer, restart your computer, and see if that fixes the problem.

If closing a particular application fixes the problem, try the following fixes:

  • Update the application to the latest version
  • Reinstall the application
  • If the application is firewall, security, or antivirus software, give the Dropbox desktop app full permissions
  • Contact that application’s customer support to see if it can be modified to allow for the Dropbox desktop app
  • If the application can’t be modified to allow the Dropbox desktop app, and it isn’t needed, uninstall it
  • If none of the above options fix the problem, contact Dropbox support

If you’re on a Dropbox Business team, contact your admin.

 Make sure the Dropbox desktop app is up to date

Your device settings determine whether you have to update the apps on your device manually or if they’re updated automatically. Check if the Dropbox app is up to date on your device:

If you’re enrolled in a beta or early access version of the Dropbox desktop app, upgrade to the latest stable build of the Dropbox desktop app.

 Make sure Dropbox supports your computer and operating system

Check our system requirements article to make sure the device and operating system you’re using are supported by Dropbox. If it’s not, update your operating system.

 Reinstall the Dropbox desktop app

Reinstall the Dropbox desktop app to ensure you’re using the latest version. 

 If you’re adding or syncing a large number files, add or sync them in batches

Use selective sync to sync fewer files to your computer or sync them in smaller batches. Learn more about file syncing limitations.

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