How to contact Dropbox support about missing or corrupted files

If your files are missing or corrupted, there are a few ways you can restore or find your files without Dropbox support.  Learn how to find or restore missing or corrupted files.
If you have a Dropbox Plus or Professional account, you can use a feature called Dropbox Rewind to take your account back to a point in time. Learn how to upgrade your account

If you need to contact support:

  1. Create an email to Dropbox support with File recovery as the issue type.
  2. Go to your Events page, which is a log of all your file activity.
  3. Click the event that you’d like to undo or restore. 
  4. Copy the link from your browser's address field. It should be in this format:
  5. Paste the link under Restoration Link in your email. If needed, you can copy multiple links.
    • To rewind your entire account: Copy the link of the oldest event you want to undo
    • To rewind a shared folder: Copy the link of the oldest event within that folder you want to undo
  6. Click Submit.

If you want to restore a single file, check your Deleted files page.

If you want to bring back an older version of a file, check its Version history.

Copy the link from the event you want to undo and paste it into your email:
Copy the link from the event you want to undo.

I can’t find an event link—what should I do?

If you can’t find an event that corresponds to your issue, create an email to Dropbox support and include as much of the following information as possible.

  • The type of action you want to take:
    • Undo one or multiple events
    • Rewind one or more shared folders
    • Rewind your entire Dropbox account
  • The approximate date the files were affected or went missing

If you want to undo multiple events or get certain files back, also include:

  • The names of any files you’re looking for or want reverted
  • The approximate file path to those files
    • For example: Dropbox/Photos/Italy/Venice/1001.pdf

Then, copy-and-paste the following statement into your email so that Dropbox can take action in your account:

"Yes, I understand what a restoration will do, and I give you permission to take this action in my Dropbox account.”

A note on permanent deletions 

Dropbox support won’t be able to recover your file if you permanently deleted it, or if you deleted it outside of your account’s version history.

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