Considerations for large-scale deployments of Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business offers resources and services such as storage, sync, sharing, and APIs. As an admin, you can design your team's folder and file structures, and configure team-wide settings to ensure Dropbox Business meets your team's needs.

If you use Dropbox Business with your team, or you're thinking about it, there are certain limits you should consider, especially with large-scale deployments. This article makes recommendations around those limits.

  • Note: We regularly update Dropbox Business, which may change the default limits. Please check this article periodically to see the latest guidance.

1. Desktop sync

Performance of the Dropbox desktop app may decline for users syncing a very large number of files, depending on the hardware specifications of the computer running the app. Specifically:

  • Individual users generally shouldn't sync more than 300,000 files
    • This includes online-only files used with Smart Sync
  • Individual users shouldn't sync more than 1,000 shared folders or team folders

2. Web and mobile

  • Use the desktop app if you need to rename, move, copy, delete, share, or unshare folders that contain a very large number of files

3. Maximum capacity limits

Dropbox Business has some limits that cannot be changed by administrators. Specifically:

  • Teams should generally not create more than a total of 10,000 shared and team folders
  • The maximum number of members that can belong to a team folder is 1,000
    • This includes child folders of parent shared or team folders
  • Maximum single file upload sizes:
    • Desktop app and mobile apps: individual files must be less than 2 TB
    • Web: individual files must be less than 50 GB
    • API: individual files must be less than 350 GB

4. API rate limits

Dropbox offers powerful APIs for applications built on the DBX Platform. The following API rate limits apply to Dropbox Business accounts:

  • Dropbox enforces a default API rate limit for all operations to prevent abuse
  • Dropbox Business Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise editions are limited to 1,000,000 upload operations per month. The following routes count toward API usage limits:



/upload Upload and commit
/upload_session/start Upload
/upload_session/append_v2 Upload
/upload_session/finish Commit
/upload_session/finish_batch Commit
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