Leave a Dropbox team

Your work Dropbox account is part of an organization or Dropbox Business team. If you’re leaving your organization, you can leave your team. If you’re a member of a Dropbox Business team, your admin can help you remove your account.

How to leave a Dropbox Business team

Your admin can remove your account from your Dropbox Business team when you leave your organization. There are several ways your work account can be removed from your team. Your work account can be: 

  • Suspended on the team
  • Deleted from the team
  • Converted to a personal account

You can’t leave a Dropbox Business team without the help of an admin. Your admin can decide which option to use. Contact your admin to help choose the best option for your work account.

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When your account is suspended, you lose access to it immediately. Syncing stops and you can’t access your account on dropbox.com. Your admin can choose to delete your work files from any devices you have linked. None of your files are deleted from your Dropbox account and your admin can unsuspend your account at any time.

If you connected a personal and work account, you can still access your personal account on all linked devices and dropbox.com.

How can I unsuspend my account?

Talk to your admin about unsuspending your work account.

Can I create a new Dropbox account while I'm suspended?

You can create a new Dropbox account with a different email address. However, you can't use the same email address as your team account.

When your account is deleted, you lose access immediately. Syncing stops and you can’t access your account on dropbox.com. Your admin can transfer your work files to another team member and can delete your work Dropbox folder from any linked devices.

What files can be transferred?

Your admin can transfer files from your work Dropbox to another team member account when your account is deleted.

What is transferred:

  • All existing folders and files
  • All deleted files
  • Ownership of shared folders you owned
  • Membership to shared folders owned by other members of your Dropbox Business team
  • Ownership of Paper docs you created
  • A copy of the “Apps” folder containing third-party application data

What isn’t transferred:

  • Shared links you created (links no longer work)
    • Note: If your account has been suspended rather than deleted, Shared links continue to work.
  • Older versions of files
  • Membership to shared folders owned by people outside of your Dropbox Business team. Only copies of these folders are transferred.
  • Access to Paper docs you didn't own
  • Datastores (a specific type of data that developers of some third-party apps use to store their app data)

What happens to the files on my linked devices?

When a Dropbox Business admin deletes your work account from the team, they have the option of deleting your work Dropbox folder from all linked devices.

What happens to my connected personal Dropbox account?

If you connected your work and personal accounts, an admin can't delete or suspend your personal account. 

Can I reactivate my work account if I was deleted from a Dropbox Business team?

If your account was deleted in the last seven days, contact your admin to request that they recover your account.

If it has been more than seven days, in limited circumstances Dropbox Support can recover the account. However, for security purposes we need the permission of the admin of your previous Dropbox Business team before we can recover your account. Contact Dropbox Support for help with the following information:

  1. That you want to recover an account that was deleted from a Dropbox Business team.
  2. The name of your previous Dropbox Business team.
  3. The email address of your previous team admin.

We can then attempt to start the account reactivation process.

When your account is removed, your work account becomes a Dropbox Basic account. You keep all private files and folders, and any shared folders you own. 

What do I keep?

  • All private files or folders
  • Shared folders you own
  • Shared folders owned by people not on the team
  • Shared folders owned by the team that you were invited to before joining the team
  • Paper docs

What stays with the team?

  • Team folders
  • Files in shared folders owned by other team members you were invited to after joining the team or that have team-only permissions
  • You lose access to the team’s shared space quota
  • You lose access to Dropbox Business-only features
  • If you connected a personal and work account, your accounts are disconnected
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