Dropbox Replay Add-On: FAQs

Updated Apr 24, 2024

person icon This article describes a paid add-on available to customers on Dropbox Plus, Professional, Essentials, Standard, Business, Advanced, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

This article answers common questions about the Dropbox Replay Add-On, and provides troubleshooting suggestions below. Learn more about the Dropbox Replay Add-On.
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Note: Dropbox teams who want to buy the Replay Add-On no longer need to purchase a team-wide add-on. Admins can now buy add-ons for specific team members.


What’s the difference between Dropbox Replay and the Dropbox Replay Add-On?

Replay Freemium is turned on by default for all users, but it only offers limited access and limited file uploads to Replay. The storage limit of your Replay files depends on your Dropbox plan storage.

Dropbox Replay is available through all Dropbox plans, but Replay has these additional file limits:

  • Dropbox Basic: 4 files
  • Dropbox Plus: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Family: 4 files
  • Dropbox Pro: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Essentials: 10 files
  • Dropbox Business: 10 files
  • Dropbox Business Plus: 10 files
  • Dropbox Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise: 4 files

With the Replay Add-On, there’s no file creation or upload limit. The Dropbox Replay Add-On offers premium features for Dropbox Replay, including due dates, password protection for shared links, a links page, video transcription and captions, large file transfers, and archiving to Dropbox.

Who can buy the Replay Add-On?

To buy the Replay Add-On, you need a Dropbox Plus, Professional, Essentials, Standard, Business, Advanced, Business Plus, or Enterprise plan. If you’re a team member who wants a Replay Add-On, contact your admin.


Dropbox Basic users can purchase the Dropbox Replay Add-On when you upgrade your plan.

How can I buy Replay Add-On for my team members?

Admins can buy Dropbox Replay Add-On from the Members page of the Admin Console. You can assign add-ons to individual team members.


Buy Replay Add-Ons for your team now.

Do I need to buy the Replay Add-On for my whole team?

No. Admins can buy the add-on for specific team members.

Can I transfer a Replay Add-On from one team member to another team member?

Admins can move an add-on from one active team member to another active team member in the Members page. First, you’ll need to remove the add-on from the member that it’s currently assigned to. You can then assign it to another team member.


Learn more about managing Replay Add-Ons for team members.

Can I add more Replay Add-Ons if I need them?

Yes, you can purchase a new Replay Add-On at any time. When you purchase a new Replay Add-On, you’ll be charged at a prorated amount for the rest of your current billing period. At the start of your next billing period, you’ll be charged for the full amount of the new add-on.

Can a user be assigned a Replay Add-On if they aren’t a team member?

No, a Replay Add-On can only be assigned to team members.

Where can I check how much I’m currently paying for my add-on?

Go to the Billing page in the Admin Console to get an overview of your Purchased Add-Ons, and the cost for each add-on on a monthly or annual basis.

If I have a Replay Add-On, what’s the maximum size of the file I can send with Dropbox Transfer?

Large file transfers are available with the Replay Add-On so you can send transfers of up to 250 GB. Learn more about Dropbox Transfer.

What happens to your Replay files after you cancel the Replay Add-On?

You’ll retain access to all Replay files. All files added after April 25, 2023 will count toward the Replay file limit. You’ll be able to edit or remove any passwords you’ve set for your files, but you won’t be able to add any new password protection after cancellation.


If a team member with an add-on leaves your team, and the add-on is not assigned to another team member, it will be cancelled when you renew.

Can I still use the features included in the Replay Add-On after canceling?

You can use the features included in the Replay Add-On until your add-on expires.

Replay Add-On troubleshooting

Why can’t I access extended version history, data governance, or advanced security with my Reply Add-On?

Extended version history, data governance, and advanced security are only available as full-team add-ons, as they apply to the entire team. You can’t access these features with a partial add-on.

What happens if I remove someone with a Replay Add-On from my team?

If a team member with an add-on is removed from your team, the add-on that was assigned to them will become available again. It can then be assigned to another team member, if needed.

How can I cancel a Replay Add-On?

Replay Add-Ons will automatically be cancelled if they remain unassigned at the end of a billing period. This avoids any unnecessary billing of teams.

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