What to do if “Dropbox unexpectedly quit”

If the Dropbox desktop app on your computer quits unexpectedly, this is most likely due to a temporary technical difficulty. All your files are safe and you can immediately re-open the app. 

If the Dropbox mobile app crashed, visit this article instead. 

Troubleshooting: Dropbox keeps crashing

If the Dropbox desktop application continues to quit unexpectedly, restart your computer and try again.

If the issue continues, identify the problem by following this troubleshooting guide:

Are you using the latest version of the Dropbox desktop app?

Re-install the Dropbox desktop app to ensure you’re using the latest version. 

Are you syncing a very large amount (in the hundreds of thousands) of files at one time?

Use Selective Sync to sync fewer files to your computer or sync them in smaller batches. (They’ll still be available in your Dropbox account online).

Are you adding a very large amount of files to your Dropbox folder at one time?

Add files to your Dropbox folder in smaller batches.

Are you running out of space on your computer’s hard drive? 

Delete applications and files from your computer to clear up storage space.

Use Smart Sync or Selective Sync to limit the number of files you sync to your computer, while keeping them stored in your Dropbox account online.

Did you recently install an application onto your computer that could be causing a conflict? 

Uninstall the suspected application to determine if it’s causing the problem, and then contact us for further help.

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