If an admin used "Sign in as user" to access your Dropbox Business account

This article discusses a feature that is only available to Dropbox Business teams on an Advanced or Enterprise plan.

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Sign in as user is a feature available to Dropbox Business teams on an Advanced or Enterprise plan. It allows team admins to sign in to the Dropbox accounts of members of their teams, and to access their files and folders.

If you're a non-admin member of a Dropbox Business team, your admin may sign in to your account to view or locate a file, or to restore a missing file that other members of your team are collaborating on.

What exactly can an admin do in my account?

Sign in as user allows team admins to:

  • View a team member's folder structure
  • Share files and folders with others
  • View, open, and download files
  • Delete files, or restore deleted files
  • View Paper docs and folders
  • Share docs and folders with other users
  • Move Paper docs and folders
  • Restore archived Paper docs
  • Permanently delete Paper docs

If you're a team member, and you have connected your personal and work Dropbox accounts, sign in as user will not allow team admins to access your personal account in any way.

If you need help changing a setting on your account—for example, resetting a password—you should direct your team admin to manage this using the Admin Console.

Note that shared files and folders can still be edited by anyone you've given access to.

How do I know when an admin has accessed my account?

If your team admin has accessed your Dropbox Business account using the Sign in as user feature, you may receive a notification email. However, it is at your admin's discretion whether to send this email. If you have further questions or concerns, please check with your team admin.

I linked my personal and work accounts—will my admin have access to both?

No. Team admins will only have access to your work Dropbox. Your personal Dropbox—and all of the files and folders in it—will remain completely private and inaccessible to an admin.

Can I prevent my team admin from signing in to my Business account?

No, team members cannot disable this feature. If you have concerns about security or content in your Dropbox, you should speak with your team admin about the policies at your organization.

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