What’s a Dropbox free team?

If you cancel your Dropbox Business subscription and your team was created before February 2018, your team may become a free team at the end of your billing cycle.

Your admin will remain the same, and you’ll still have access to all your files and folders.

Note: You can’t create a new free team.

What’s the difference between a free team and a Dropbox Business team?

Your free team will have less storage space and limited access to Dropbox Business features. Additionally:

  • The admin won’t have access to the Admin console
  • Your storage quota will be based on individual accounts instead of the team 
  • The free team will be unable to use Smart Sync 
  • All team folders will become shared folders
  • The free team will be unable to add or remove team members
  • All unshared files remain private

Click here to upgrade your team back to Dropbox Business

How do I leave a free team?

When you leave a free team, you lose access to shared folders and any groups. If you connected a personal account, your work files are moved to your personal account.

To leave a free team:

  1. Sign in using your team credentials at dropbox.com/team.
  2. Click Leave team.

How do I delete a free team?

When you delete a team, all members are removed from shared folders and groups and their accounts are turned into personal Dropbox accounts. 

You must be the admin to delete a team. To do so:

  1. Sign in with your admin credentials.
  2. Go to dropbox.com/team/settings.
  3. Click Delete team.

What happens if a member of a free team goes over their storage quota?

A single team member going over quota does not affect any other members of a team.

If a member of a team goes over their individual storage quota, shared folders or files stop syncing for them only. No files are deleted, and syncing will resume when the team member is under quota again. 

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