How to merge two Dropbox team accounts

This article discusses merging two Dropbox team accounts. It’s also possible to merge multiple individual Dropbox accounts

When you merge two Dropbox team accounts, all members and content from the secondary Dropbox team are imported into the primary Dropbox team. Any primary team settings will override the secondary team settings. 

All data from the secondary team will be transferred to the primary team except:

  • Deleted team member accounts
    • Note: Suspended team member accounts will be transferred
  • Activity logs
  • Admin permissions
  • Team API apps
  • Invoices and receipts

Note: Make sure to save these items from the secondary team before merging.

Before you merge teams

Before a team merge:

  • Make sure that the primary team has enough open licenses for the number of users on the secondary team.
  • Make sure that the primary team has enough free space to accommodate the secondary team’s data.
  • Make sure that both teams have already enabled Dropbox Paper in their team settings in order for both teams to be able to continue using Dropbox Paper after the merge.
  • If the secondary team has team selective sync enabled, the primary team will also need to enable team selective sync for the merge to complete.

How to initiate a team merge

You must be the admin of a Dropbox account to initiate a team merge. To initiate a team merge:

  1. Log in to with your admin credentials.
  2. On the left, click Admin console.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Trusted teams.
  5. Click the Add a trusted team button.
  6. You can choose to:
    • Merge into a primary team, which will import all of your members and content into another existing team.
    • Request a secondary team merge into my team, which will import the members and content of another team into your existing team.
  7. If you choose to merge into a primary team, click the checkbox to agree to the terms and click Send request.
  8. If you choose to request a secondary team merge, click Copy link. 
  9. Paste the link in an email and send it to the email address of the secondary team's admin. 
    • Note: The admin of the secondary team will receive the link and need to complete steps 4-7 to request the merge into a primary team.  
  10. Once the merge is complete, which usually happens within 72 hours:
    • Both admins will receive an email that the merge has been successful.
    • Members from the secondary team will receive an email confirming that they’re on a new team.

The secondary team will automatically receive a prorated refund for the remainder of their subscription. The admin of the secondary team will receive an email confirming their refund has been applied.

What to do after a team merge

After a team merge:

  • Team folders will be added to the accounts of the secondary team.
    • If the secondary and primary teams have team folders with the same name, the secondary team’s folder will appear as “Folder name (1)”.
  • Groups will be transferred from the secondary team and will appear as “[Secondary team name] - [group name]”.
  • Any verified domains owned by the secondary team will need to be reverified after merging.
  • If the primary team requires single sign-on, each new member of the secondary team will need to be added through your SSO provider.
  • All sharing permissions will default to the primary team’s settings.

Can I cancel a team merge?

Yes, you can cancel a team merge request as long as you cancel it within 24 hours of submission. To cancel a team merge, contact Dropbox support

Can I undo a team merge?

All Dropbox team account merges are final. 

Note: If the secondary team was purchased through a reseller, Dropbox will not be able to complete the merge, as it is unable to offer a direct refund.

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