When paid subscriptions or promotions expire

The information in this article is out-of-date. For updated information, see our latest article about what happens when your free trial of Dropbox expires.

The files in your Dropbox are still available on your computers, phones, and dropbox.com even if:

  • Your paid account expires
  • Your paid account is downgraded
  • Your promotional space expires

However, Dropbox stops syncing your files if you're over your storage quota. This means that new files added to your Dropbox won't sync to other computers or be available on dropbox.com until your account is under this storage limit.

For example, if you have a 1 TB Plus account with 800 GB of the storage used, and you then downgrade to a Basic (2 GB) account, your files will stop syncing. This is because your new account doesn't have enough storage space for all of the files in it.

If this happens, consider upgrading to ensure your files continue to sync.

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