Upcoming changes to your Dropbox team account

If you’re on Dropbox Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise, you may have recently received an email notification 7 days in advance of our plan to upgrade your team's account to the latest version. This upgrade makes it easier to retrieve and organize your content.

You can change the upgrade date by clicking the link noted in the email. If you do nothing, we’ll upgrade your team's account 7 days after you receive the email. Everyone on your team will be able to access your new team space.


  • The naming convention of the Dropbox folder will change from “Dropbox [Team name]” to “[Team name] Dropbox”.
  • Existing team folders shared with Everyone at [Team name] will become team folders in the team space at this location:
    • /[Team name] Dropbox/[Team name]’s shared workspace
  • Each team member will have their own personal folder called a team member folder at this location: 
    • /[Team name] Dropbox/[Team member’s name]
  • Archived folders will be visible in the team space, but nobody will be able to access them. Admins can move or manage archived folders after the upgrade on the Content page in the Admin console.
  • All other content, including shared folders, will be moved to each member’s team member folder. 

Regardless of your decision to opt into or postpone the upgrade, all of your folder and file permissions will remain unchanged. We won’t remove any files from your Dropbox account.


Is there an additional fee related to this upgrade?

The upgrade to the latest version of Dropbox for teams is free of charge.

If I’m an admin of a Dropbox team account, how do I prepare for the upgrade? 

If you’re responsible for the management of your team’s account, you’ll receive an email with the time and date of your scheduled account upgrade. During this time period, your team should not make changes to files in their Dropbox accounts. 

The night before your upgrade, everyone on your team should:

  1. Close any open apps and restart their devices.
  2. Close any apps that automatically opened upon restart.
  3. Turn off all third-party app integrations. 
    • Note: These can be turned back on as soon as the upgrade is complete.
  4. Leave the Dropbox desktop app running overnight.

You’ll be notified once the upgrade has finished and your team can access their accounts.

What will happen to my shortcuts, third-party applications, and custom API integrations? 

Your files and folders will be moved during the upgrade, so any third-party applications and automations from integrations that use absolute file paths will break. This includes shortcuts, such as Mac aliases and Windows Quick access links.

To avoid this, we recommend turning off all third-party integrations before the upgrade. You can turn your integrations back on as soon as the upgrade is complete, but you may need to reconfigure them to use the new file paths. 

To use shortcuts again, you’ll need to remove the old links and create new ones. Learn how to create new links:

App developers, learn how to upgrade your integrations to the upgraded version of Dropbox for teams.

What will happen to my offline files during the upgrade? 

During the upgrade, your files and folders will be moved, and file paths will be rewritten to reflect those new locations. If your team’s files are currently available offline, they‘ll be changed to online-only when their file paths are rewritten. After the upgrade is complete, you can right-click your team’s files and make them available offline again. Learn how to make files available offline.

What if I’m not ready to upgrade right now?

If you’re not ready to upgrade your account yet, you can postpone it.

To do this:

  1. Sign in to dropbox.com with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin console.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Team profile.
  5. Scroll down to Update to the latest version of Dropbox Business and click Postpone.
  6. Choose a date in the next 30 days.

You can only postpone the date by 30 days at one time, but you can return to the calendar and postpone the date again, if necessary.

Note: Teams that are in a deactivated or locked state can’t postpone the upgrade date. To postpone the upgrade, purchase a Dropbox subscription.

We’ll also send you an additional reminder email closer to the upgrade date.

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