What does a Dropbox unsynced folder notification mean?

Team selective sync is a folder management feature for Dropbox Business teams. The feature allows team admins to create a default selective sync setting for a team folder (or a non-member folder in the team space). This default then applies to all new members that are given access to the folder. Team selective sync works much like the selective sync feature, but for these admin-managed folders.

I got a notification that I have a new unsynced folder—what does this mean?

If you got a notification that you have a “new unsynced folder,” it means:

  • Your team admin is using the team selective sync feature, and made a change to a folder that’s not currently synced to your computer
  • You have access to a folder where at least some of its content is currently only available on the Dropbox website (though you can always change this using selective sync)

How do I access unsynced folders?

If you’ve been given access to a team folder (or a non-member folder in the team space), you can access this folder—synced or unsynced—on dropbox.com. You can also use selective sync so that folder syncs to your computer. With selective sync, you can choose which folders sync from your Dropbox account to the Dropbox folder on your computer.

Important notes:

  • Using selective sync won’t change the sync default for other members. It will only sync the folder to your computer.
  • Your admin probably unsynced the folder because it is large in size, and could hurt computer performance. If you don’t need the entire folder, consider downloading and syncing only the sub-folders that you need (using the main selective sync feature).

How do I get a team selective sync setting changed?

Only an admin can change a team selective sync setting for a team folder, or for a folder in the team space. You’ll need to contact your admin if you’d like a different setting applied to a specific folder for others on your team.

However, note that you can override the team selective sync setting on your computer at any time by using the main selective sync feature.

What’s selective sync, and how do I use it?

Selective sync is a feature that lets Dropbox users select which folders sync from dropbox.com to the Dropbox folder on a computer's hard drive. Unsyncing folders can improve computer performance.

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