How do I use the homepage on

View your files and activity in one place on, and on the homepage of the Dropbox Android or iOS apps. With the homepage, you can:

  • View activity from both Dropbox and Paper
  • Star files, folders, and Paper docs for quick access
  • See recent Dropbox and Paper activity from your team members

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What are content suggestions?

Dropbox suggests files and folders that you might want to access based on your account activity. Files you recently accessed or opened more than once may appear in the Suggested for you section on 

To remove a file from your content suggestions, click the X on the top right corner of the file. Removing a file from your content suggestions doesn’t delete the file, it just takes the file out of the Suggested for you section.

To hide all content suggestions, click Hide beside the Suggested for you section.

What are unread notifications?

View new activity since the last time you used Dropbox or Paper. This includes your recent activity, when someone @mentions you, and any comment threads you're involved in.

To dismiss unread notifications on the Dropbox website:

  1. Hover over the notification.
  2. Click Mark as read.

What are starred files and folders?

The Starred section contains files, folders, and Paper docs you starred. It will also show items you starred on another device. For example, if you star a file on your phone, you'll see that item in the Starred section on and on the Home tab of the mobile apps.

There are several ways to star items:

  • Hover over the name of the item, and then select the star icon
  • When previewing a file, select the star icon beside the filename
  • From the Files or Home page, click "" (ellipsis) beside the file's name and then click Star

It isn't currently possible to star multiple items at once.

Android app

  • When previewing a file, tap " " (horizontal ellipsis) and then tap Star

iOS app

  • On the Home tab, tap View all under the Starred widget, then tap "+" (plus)
  • When previewing a file, tap "" (ellipsis) and then tap Add to Starred

What are recent files and folders?

The Recent section has files and Paper docs that you recently viewed or edited. They're sorted with the files and docs you viewed most recently at the top.

To hide recent items, click Hide beside the Recent section.

Android app

To see all recent activity, tap View all. To hide recent items:

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Hide Recents on Home.

iOS app

To see all recent activity, tap View all. To hide recent items:

  1. Tap the person icon.
  2. Tap the gear icon.
  3. Tap Hide Recents.

What is the Files tab?

The Files view gives you quick access to a complete list of the files and folders in your Dropbox account.

Why do I see an uploads widget in the iOS app?

The Uploads widget appears on iOS devices when there are pending uploads. "Pending" means the upload hasn't yet started, or else hasn't finished. If you don't have any pending uploads, the Uploads widget won't appear.

If you open the Uploads widget, you can:

  • Cancel individual uploads by tapping Cancel
  • Cancel all pending uploads by tapping Cancel All


  • Only manual uploads initiated with the "+" (plus) appear in the Uploads widget—camera uploads aren't shown in this widget
  • If you don't have any pending uploads, the Uploads widget won't appear
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